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Note: These are only sample sizes.
Photo Credits: @natureessentials

Disclaimer: Nature Essentials sent me this products. So for the sake of all I will do an unbiased review. I can wear lipsticks all day. Please know that we don’t have the same tolerance of wearing lipsticks. What’s good on me may or may not be good on you. So you must try a test first.


PRICE: 550 pesos + Shipping fee

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Our new Velvet Lip Creme has a unique formula that glides like a gloss then dry to a creamy matte lip color that can last long. It comes with a doe foot applicator for an even and easy application that leaves your lips with a stunning, fearless color that feels comfortable and creamy.


PACKAGING: 10ml tube with a unique bamboo cap. Super duper cute and a must have packaging. It has doe foot applicator so you can apply it easily on your lips.

I tried two of their lip crèmes which is Flirt and Adore. At first I thought I can’t wear that kind of shade because it’s violet and brown. Take note, I’m a morena. But ooops, Luckily both shades suits on me and I think it suits all skin tones. I’m also amazed because when I used the lip creme , first it appears like a cream and after few seconds it happens to be a semi matte finish lip creme and while wearing those lip cremes it didn’t make my lips dry and it’s not sticky unlike any other matte lipsticks and once it’s set it becomes nontransferable unlike other cremes when you eat you can see your lipstick on the food but these lip cremes stays on the lips. These lip cremes are also very pigmented. I only put a little amount and it covers my entire lips. It lasts long on my lips. Then one time I made swatches about these lip creams and when I’m ready to remove it I only use water and it took me 3-4 minutes to remove the entire lipstick on my hand. They have 8 different shades and I cant wait to try them soon!




COLOR: Violet

SCENT: Grapes

Rating if it has good smell (1 lowest, 10 highest): 10/10

TASTE: Grapes

TEXTURE: Very Pigmented & Smooth

Transferable Proof Rating (1 little amount – 10): 2/10

LASTING POWER: 5-6 hours (Drinking only) & 2-3 hours (With Eating & Drinking)



COLOR: Brown (It’s like True brown K by Kylie)

SCENT: Chocolate

Rating if it has good smell (1 lowest, 10 highest): 8/10

TASTE: Chocolate

TEXTURE: Very Pigmented & Smooth

Transferable Proof Rating (1 little amount – 10): 2/10

LASTING POWER: 5-6 hours (Drinking only) & 2-3 hours (With Eating & Drinking)


  • Smells good
  • Taste yummy
  • Very pigmented
  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • Unique shade
  • Suits on all skin tone
  • Not dry on the lips
  • lightweight
  • Organic
  • fierce colors
  • easy to apply
  • cute packaging
  • collectible
  • consistent

Check nature essentials to know more about their products!


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PS: My reviews are based on my experience and unbiased. I’m not paid to do such review. Again, What’s good on me may or may not be good on you.



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HULI (A spoken word poetry)

Trichi Joy Pring
Paano kung ito na ang huli?
Huling beses na masilayan ang iyong mga matang nagniningning na para bang bitwin?
Huling beses na mahagkan ka at sabihing mahal isa pa.
Para bang mahirap magulo, malabo, marami ng nag bago
Heto na nga ba ang huli?
Mga matamis mong ngiti hindi na masaksi
Mahigpit mong yakap di na madama
Matamis mong labi di na dumadampi Tanong sa aking isip kung may iba naba giliw o
o sabi ng isip, ako lang sabi ng dibdib
magulo, malabo
paano kung di pala tayo
paano kung pinagtagpo lang tayo para matuto
hindi ba parang mali pero ginawa ko kahit mali
lumaban ako kahit mahapdi
kahit puso ay nagdurugo sa mga pagbabagong pinapadama mo magulo.
Magulo na sinasabi mong mahal moko
pero wala sa pinapadama mo
magulo na para bang mga libro sa iyong kwarto na
hindi na kayang ayusin o basahin dahil ito’y naanay na
at nasanay na ako sa sakit
pero hindi ko kayang harapin ang huli
marami ng nagbago, pero mahal pangako
hahabulin parin kita.
Hahabulin parin kita kahit ikaw mismo ay lumalayo na.
Hahanapin parin kita kahit ikaw mismo ay nagtatago na.
Mamahalin parin kita kahit ikaw mismo ay suko na
Pero kung sapalagay mo mahal ay wala na, huli na, aalis kana
Dito lang ako maghihintay ng bagong simula na kasama parin kita
Hindi ako aalis, Susundan kita khit huli na.