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LUMINOUS WHITENING BODY MASK (My bare skin specialist)

Disclaimer: My bare skin specialist sent me these products. So for the sake of all I will do an unbiased review. Please know that we don’t have the same tolerance of using products. What’s good on me may not be good on you. So you must try a skin test first.

PRODUCT: Luminous Whitening Body Mask

INCLUSIONS: 1 Popsicle stick, 500g Gluta rice powder, 60ml Milky solution, 85g Luminous whitening soap and an instruction on how to prepare the mask. Too bad, there’s nothing indicated in the instruction on how many minutes you’ll let the mask on your skin. Though it’s okay if you’ll not let it stay but it’s more effective to let it stay for 15-20minutes



PRODUCT CLAIM: It will give your skin an instant glow and it whitens your skin

PRICE: 450Pesos only. The price is very reasonable because it’s good for 4-5 uses.

Packaging: Simply comes in a plastic container and products are inside and wrapped properly. On the plastic container it indicates the label, the claim of the product and product inclusions.



Here are the steps:

1. I poured the glutarice powder to the container kung saan sya nakalagay. Then nung hinawakan ko sya sobrang smooth.


2. Inadd ko lang yung naka provide na milky solutions at hinalo halo ko. At grabeee yung amoy napaka-bango tapos kahit malayo ka naaamoy mo sya.

19398813_10155466851788336_1924323312_n 19427761_10155466851708336_1813959186_n 19415969_10155466851883336_710040009_n

3. Nagadd din ako ng water hanggang sa magmukhang pancake pag di pa luto. Hahaha. Tapos pag nagmukhang pancake ang smooth nya tingnan parang foam.

That’s it ready to use na sya!
Btw guys, dont forget to try a skin test bago nyo itry sa buong katawan nyo.

So I used the luminous whitening body mask four times. I used it as a body and face mask and it didn’t irritate my skin, it is easy to prepare and it is easy also to apply because it’s foamy. So I applied thin portion on my body and my face and let it stay for 15-20 minutes it’s a little bit messy but keri lang tiis ganda. I’ve read that it’s okay if you’ll not let it stay but I suggest that let it stay so it will be more effective. Then there it is, when I applied it, unexpectedly it has cooling effect perfect to relieve stress. I felt so refreshed and relaxed while using the product. It dries fast plus I didn’t see any stain on my clothes. After 20 minutes, I rinsed it with water and used the Luminous Whitening Soap it has good smell and it also has a cooling effect. After I rinsed it, I can say that its claim is true. Truly saw the difference and Mission: Fairer complexion achieved! It also soften and smoothen my skin! Great job and so much love for this Luminous Whitening Body Mask!


* Color: Yellow

* Scent: 8/10

* Flower shaped

* Easy to melt (Avoid putting on water)

* Cooling effect

* Whitening effect

* Soft skin effect


* Instant glow

* Instant whitening

* fair complexion

* Natural

* Easy to mix

* Smells good

* Cooling effect

* foamy

* super smooth while applying

* reasonable price

* no chemical

* no bleaching content

* All natural ingredients

* worth the buy

X: a little bit messy

X: no instructions included on how long you’ll let it stay on your skin

So far, it’s good and I really recommend the product! But know that what’s good on me may or may not be good on you! Must try a skin test first!

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PS: My reviews are based on my experience and unbiased. I’m not paid to do such review. Again, What’s good on me may or may not be good on you.




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